Welcome to my webpage!

I am a Web Designer with experience in Front-end Development, User Interface Design and User Experience Design. My core specialty is offering a wide variety of tools in many types of code and CMS’s to makes a page look, react and act how a user of that web page would expect it to.

With diverse range range of experience in HTML, CSS, and parts of Javascript and jQuery – I create usable web frameworks for developers or systems engineers to plug content into. Formerly a fine artist, I segwayed into management and then design which lead to web design during his first internship. He was born in South Dakota from parents that were in the Foreign Services which lead to him living in a wide range of places like: Barbados, Prague, Albania, Bosnia, Moscow, Chicago, Wisconsin and Washington D.C. He attended the University of Wisconsin for Undergrad in Fine Art and received a 2nd Degree in Visual Communication from ILIAC. He has a very inventive mind and participates as a bike mechanic, cyclist, runner, artist, designer and an inventor of inpractical items.

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